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I never thought of this before
I never thought we could be like this
When I saw you just standing there across the street
I knew from the start
You would never talk to me
You would even bother to ask if I was okay
Im still standing here before you make me move
These things between us are dangerous
Owr friendship is nomore
Did I came here to lose all hope?
Did I came here to die?
No, there is still hope for this recless soul,
becous Im still standing.
With no regrets,
with no thoughts.
Im just me.
And you cant change me to your kind.
Im just hanging by a moment.
Im just being me
and you cant ever change me.
I lost everyhope when you sayd those things to me.
But now I know,
that it was your anger that made you like this.
There is nothing left to lose,
Theres nothing in the world
that could change my mind.
Theres nothing there anymore.
Im more than a kid,
Im a lover.
A true lover you could ever see.
I have right to know the truth.
So take this and leave me alone,
leave us alone.
Im more than a person in a croud,
Im a person you couldnt ever be,
Im me and thats what I ever be.
Im just playing me.
Now leave me alone
and you would see,
that I be the last person you would see
a smile on her face and who is alone inside.
Remember this my dear friend,
I still know how to live,
I have a life like everyone else.
I will remember the things you sayd to me.
I always remember your face,
your stuped smile
and your stuped lies.
Let me go and you will see
I can be like everyone else in this world in war.
I wrote this while listneing to "Hanging by a moment" by Lifehouse
Blue-Strawberryy Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
it is kinda sad but good :)
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September 13, 2010
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